Fine Dining

Indulge in Villa D Riverside’s fine dining prepared by  Chef Mongkol of Changkran Khmer restaurant. Menu is renewed every 3 days so you can have the chance  to sample different flavors  during your stay with us. We propose both Western and Khmer Cuisine.

An example below of the plates prepared by  Chef Mongol exclusively  for Villa D Riverside

Stuffed chicken prosciutto served with a creamy caper sauce, bacon mashed potatoes and steam broccoli

Tom Yam Kung soup

Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate banana spring rolls served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

Discover our selection of 100% organic sausages locally produced and carefully prepared by Changkran’s Chef Mongkol

$ 7.00 to $ 8.00 for two sausages with one side dish. Combo platters 2X2 ($ 13.00) or 3X2 ($ 18.00)


Side dishes

Mixed green salad

Saute mushrooms & french fries

Grilled vegetables & sweet potato fries

Mashed potato & green beans

Curry mashed sweet potato & vegetables

Fried yellow noodle

Amok Sausage

Amok sauce

Cheese sausage

Momay sauce

Smoked sausage

BBQ sauce

Siem Reap sausage

Khmer spicy sauce

Tom Yum sausage

Tom yum sauce

Bockwurst sausage

Honey mustard sauce

Beef sausage (cream&cognac)

Kampot pepper sauce